Plastic Free

Our Commitment to You:

Our Pyramid Tea Bags are made from plant based material (corn or abaca). These materials are 100% commercially compostable and biodegradable.

From concept, Rain City Tea Co. has been committed to plastic-free materials for our tea bags, we will never use nylon or other petroleum based compounds.

We say NO! to plastic, NO! to micro-plastics and YES! to enjoying premium quality Organic tea at its best.   

How does this material work?

Think of it like cotton. Thread is made from plants and the thread is woven on a large loom. This material is clear and the wove is open, allowing you to not only visually enjoy our full leaf teas, but also allowing for water to move freely within the tea bag, giving the tea a tea-pot-brewing-experience with the convenience of a tea bag, releasing all the amazing flavours harnessed within the full leaf organic teas. 

What about the tea tag and tea string? 


Both, the string and the tea tag are made from entirely plant-based, compostable materials.

The string/tag/bag are fused together with heat, we do not use any glue or staples.